Thursday, December 22, 2011

2 Amazing Hairstyles You Can Create With Hair Rollers

Many people still have this misconceived notion that curling their hair with rollers is outdated or that they'll end up with a Golden Girls hairstyle, but this is absolutely not true. Rollers have made a comeback! They are the practical, convenient and safe way to achieve a multitude of different looks without putting your hair through unnecessary abuse with a hot iron. All you have to do is learn how to apply the hair rollers the right way and you'll wish you never waited so long to try!

When you're learning how to use hair rollers, experiment with both damp and dry hair to see which look you prefer. Damp hair will give you a more defined, longer lasting curl but dry hair will be looser (unless you use a styling product). Also, keep in mind that dry hair that has not been shampooed tends to hold a wavy style better.

The Soft Waves Look

If you want to know how to apply hair rollers to achieve that flowing runway look, you should first be aware that larger rollers create waves, whereas small rollers offer a more defined curl.

The largest roller will go on top to give you volume at the top of your head. Begin with a section of hair that's longer than your roller but not wider than it. The first section should be pulled forward a bit when you roll it. Continue until the top of your hair is done. This generally takes about four rollers.

Many people make the mistake of placing the side roller closest to their face in a horizontal position like the crown. But when you're curling hair with rollers for waves, those side pieces should be vertical, traveling away from the face, as should the rest of the layers of hair. If you have rollers that graduate in size, you'll want the largest ones on top, the medium-sized ones in the middle, and the skinniest ones on the bottom.