Thursday, January 19, 2012

Laser Treatments Increase Self-Esteem in Women

I'm starting to see why people say that it is harder to lose weight, as you get older; and how important exercise is. Along with working and family, exercise becomes a top priority. Exercise helps keep the metabolism up and the body in shape. I am not saying anything you have not heard before, though. I have noticed an unfortunate consequence for not exercising, in addition to gaining weight; cellulite has decided to appear where I once had muscle. It make me self-conscious to wear shorts or a bathing suit in the summertime, so I usually wear a skirt or a wrap at the beach. There are natural ways of reducing cellulite: eat fruits, vegetables, and low fiber foods; exercise and the infamous skin-firming lotion. Natural solutions are always the best option at first. However, after months and months of attempting to naturally get rid of cellulite, and it is still there, can be discouraging.

After trying and not seeing results on your own, consider laser treatment. Within four treatments you will begin to see results. Those are fast results. Some bodies may be able to get decent results naturally. Mine is not one. I have tried continuously exercising, like running or biking. While I do see minimal results with exercise, running is hard on my knees so it is not easy for me to keep that up. Cellulite laser treatment can also be known as fat reduction. What cellulite is, is a result of fat deposits below the skin's surface. The laser works in multiple parts of the body: arms, butt, thighs, stomach or upper arms. This laser treatment works for cellulite, but also improves blood circulation, which poor circulation can be a cause of cellulite. Other benefits of laser treatment for cellulite include improved metabolism and relieve minor muscle aches and spasms. Maybe this treatment is vain to some, but if there is a way to increase self-esteem, I see no vanity.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Beauty Tips Around the World

1. Australia - You always have to put sunscreen on your hands and neck. They are as important as your face. They can also show your skin's youthful glow.

2. Greece - Rub the pith of a lemon peel to fix dry hands, it can sting your skin, but they will heal up immediately.

3. United Kingdom - Massage Eve Lom cleanser into your face and neck, it will act as your cleanser, toner, make-up remover and mild exfoliant at the same time.

4. cWest Africa - To soften their skin they use shea butter. It can also be applied thickly to hair as a mask and can be use as a conditioner. It is from the nuts of the Karite tree.

5. Japan - Women here are using Camellia oil long enough to be considered the secret of geisha. They have smooth and flawless skin because it moisturizes and softens the skin, not to mention nourishes and conditions. This oil can be use daily for skin, hair and even strengthening your fingernails.

6. India - Wonder why most Indian women have thick healthy hair? Their secret is the use of Coconut oil. It strengthens thinning hair making it shinny, strong and smooth. They do hot oil massages weekly, leaving the oil on their hair even while sleeping and washing it the morning after to get the best results.